Faema Marte 1 group – SOLD

Merk: Faema
Model: Marte – 1 group
Jaar: 1956
Prijs: Verkocht // Sold

Build in Milan, Italy, this beautiful Faema Marte found its home in France making the most delicious espresso’s for decades.

Once i had it in my workshop i fully restored this Faema Marte internally, i polished the outside to shine again but 1 kept the outside as original as possible. With its original Faema knobs and plexiglas, it is a true hommage to the detail of design from the ‘ 50s.

This Faema Marte is upgraded with a modern pressure regulator and the steel boiler flenge is replaced by a stainless steel flenge. The beautiful lighting has a build in on/off switch.

The Marte comes with its original portafilter. It has been modified with a ridge for the spring to keep the basket in place.

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